Make Home Fire Sprinklers an Important Step in Building Fire-Safe Communities

It’s Thursday and today’s Home Fire Sprinkler Week theme is Fire Sprinklers are Part of Fire-Safe Communities. This is a good opportunity to increase awareness in your community that exposure to home fires puts responders at grave risk from fire, collapse, and health hazards. Home fire sprinklers uniquely protect both responding firefighters and occupants.

Today’s theme underscores the ways home fire sprinklers support Community Risk Reduction (CRR). By protecting new housing stock, existing fire service resources can be directed at high-risk populations and existing unsprinklered structures.

Because they automatically control the spread of fire and toxic smoke, home fire sprinklers free up fire service time and personnel that can be shifted to risk reduction programs such as home visits, smoke alarm distribution, and other fire safety education.

Each new home built without home fire sprinklers makes the community less safe for all. With fire sprinklers, everyone goes home. Fire sprinklers are part of fire-safe communities. Learn more and share our resources related to today’s them by visiting the HFSC website.

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Lorraine Carli
VP, Outreach & Advocacy, Working to save lives and property through awareness, action and collaborations.

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