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Fire Sprinklers Make a Smart Home “Genius” and … Green

Did you know your smart home can be a whole lot smarter by adding fire sprinklers? Were you aware that sprinklers are green?! This week, as we celebrate Home Fire Sprinkler Week, we tackle the misconceptions about sprinklers and urge everyone to share the facts about this life-saving technology. Day 4 of the campaign focuses on the value of sprinklers and the research conducted by FM Global and HFSC Research that looked at the environmental impact of fires. Sprinklers can play a role in reducing risk by: Controlling a fire automatically, often extinguishing it before the fire department arrives Allowing occupants to escape, especially those at high risk Protecting firefighters from exposure, which can lead to cancer and other health concerns  In addition, the research shows that fire sprinklers can REDUCE: Greenhouse gas emissions by 98 percent Fire damage by up to 97 percent Water usage to fight a fire by as much as 91 percent Water pollution  This is all to say that despite what the naysayers want you to believe, fire sprinklers are good for people and they’re good for the environment! We hope you are joining us this week and taking advantage of all the great resources available to share with those in your community. To take part in today’s event and to spread the word, visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition website, then: Find today’s theme and suggested content Choose a video or graphic (or both) Post the information on your website, Facebook, Twitter, or on all of your social media platforms  Take the time to use our resources during Home Fire Sprinkler Week to help protect what we all value most: our loved ones, communities, and our firefighters. For additional information, please visit the Fire Sprinkler Initiative.  Next Up: Home Fire Sprinkler Week wraps up with a focus on “Protect(ing) What You Value Most”

With Home Fire Sprinkler Week fast approaching, now’s the time to brush up on the facts of this lifesaving technology

Home Fire Sprinkler Week (HFSW) approaching quickly, it is a good time to review some residential sprinkler myths that NFPA has debunked in the past. Last July, NFPA released an episode of The NFPA Podcast that addressed some of these home fire sprinkler myths with a former fire chief who retrofitted his home with sprinklers. Check out the episode, “Debunking Home Fire Sprinkler Myths,” on The NFPA Podcast here In addition to the podcast, NFPA ran a blog series in 2020 called Mythblaster Monday. This series tackled the myths surrounding home fire sprinklers, such as total water damage from sprinklers (which is much less than fire damage) and the importance of sprinklers even with the presence of smoke alarms. The Mythblaster Monday series, as well as other NFPA Fire Sprinkler Initiative (FSI) blogs, can be viewed here. Home Fire Sprinkler Week runs from May 16-22 this year, and marks 25 years since the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition was founded. A collaboration between the Coalition and the Fire Sprinkler Initiative, each day of the campaign NFPA will share blogs, resources, and related information to raise awareness of the life-saving benefits of home fire sprinklers. Read more about HFSW here. So brush up on the facts and please join NFPA in sharing valuable, life-saving information during Home Fire Sprinkler Week. For additional information, visit the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition and the Fire Sprinkler Initiative.
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Help Spread the Word About the Life-Saving Benefits of Home Fire Sprinklers During Home Fire Sprinkler Week May 16 – 22, 2021

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! To commemorate this great milestone, HFSC is developing new innovative tools and materials to support community outreach. One example is the popular Home Fire Sprinkler Week campaign set to launch on May 16 – 22, 2021. A project of HFSC and the NFPA Fire Sprinkler Initiative, this week-long campaign is the perfect opportunity to get the tools you need to help further the life-saving educational message of home fire sprinklers. Building on the great success of last year’s event, Home Fire Sprinkler Week will again go digital in 2021. The campaign is designed to help you virtually share messages and resources every day of the week on both a website and social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. If you’re a member of the fire service, take advantage of materials and more social media graphics to share during the week or at any time of the year. Additional assets you will be able to use during the Week include: A brand new HFSW digital campaign to reach younger homebuyers to help emphasize the need for home fire sprinklers in communities A new video to highlight the green benefits of installing home fire sprinklers With each day of the campaign, you will find a different theme and related content like videos and graphics with posts, to share. You can choose one message or share all messages on any given day. The daily themes are: Monday, May 17: Fire is Fast Tuesday, May 18: Fire Sprinklers Are Part of Fire-Safe Communities Wednesday, May 19: It’s Easy to Live with Home Fire Sprinklers Thursday, May 20: Fire Sprinklers are Smart and Green Friday, May 21: Protect What You Value Most As we ramp up to Home Fire Sprinkler Week, stay tuned to the HFSC website for more campaign information and resources. We look forward to you joining us on May 16!  
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