New video, NFPA Journal story detail future of crowd monitoring technology

With COVID-19 still gripping the world, it may be a while before you find yourself in a large crowd. But when that day comes, perhaps you'll be under the watchful eye of new crowd monitoring technology. 

The latest episode of Learn Something New by NFPA Journal details the future of crowd monitoring. Specifically, it examines a current Fire Protection Research Foundation project to create a low-cost, web-based crowd monitoring tool expected to be available this fall. 

The problem with current crowd monitoring technology is that it's typically complicated and expensive, Foundation research project manager Victoria Hutchison explains in the video. "So we're building this on a web interface, so it can be accessed from your iPhone, a tablet, laptop, whatever you have available to you," she says. "It tracks [crowds] over time. So every interval, at whatever interval you'd like it to be captured at, it tracks that in a trending graph. So you can see the profile of the crowd over time, and it also produces density maps. So you can see kind of a heat map, you know, of where the highest densities are within the areas that could be problematic."

Hutchison also wrote a feature story on the new tool, which appears in the July/August issue of NFPA Journal. Read that article here, and watch the video below.

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Angelo Verzoni
Associate Editor, NFPA Journal

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