Preparing Facilities and their Electrical Systems Ahead of Extreme Weather

With the height of hurricane season upon us and with nearly 50 active large wildfires currently burning across the U.S., as a facility manager, how prepared is your building for a natural disaster? Whether it's extreme weather or a manmade hazard, many of us may not realize that such events can wreak havoc on a building's electrical system.

So while we may not be able to hold back Mother Nature, we can learn how to prepare our facilities and put protocols in place that allow us to respond appropriately to a natural disaster in our area. It's all about the prep work leading up to the event, which, in turn helps ensure the least amount of down time and a speedy recovery.

NFPA's Derek Vigstol explains in a recent article for Facility Executive how facility managers can prepare for, respond, and recover from a disaster by following guidelines set out in Chapter 32 of NFPA 70B, Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance. It all starts, he says, with creating a site-specific disaster plan.

Read the article, which also includes a link to NFPA's new 70B checklist, a great resource that takes you step-by-step as you prepare to battle the elements.

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Derek Vigstol

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