Bookmarks and MyLiNK Features Highlighted in Second Installation of NFPA LiNK Video Series

Recently, NFPA launched NFPA LiNK™, a new digital platform that provides code information and supplementary content for professionals and practitioners who need to better understand problems and make decisions in real time while on the job. In September, the platform introduced the four most recent editions of NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC®).

To help with navigating the platform, NFPA has created a new weekly video series that explains some of the features and functionalities users need like dashboards, sharing, bookmarks, and more. In this week's video series we address Bookmarks and MyLiNK.

I'll start by saying that while the NEC is over 900 pages long, not every piece of it is going to apply to the electrical installation at hand. This is where bookmarking and collections can be really helpful. Users can take sections of code and save only what is relevant to their needs. For instance, say you install, design, or inspect PV systems, with NFPA LiNK, you can bookmark the relevant NEC sections in Articles 690, 705, etc. and organize them into custom collections, creating your own spot to reference anything solar. Or if you often highlight or tab your code book with certain colors to designate topics such as grounding or label requirements, with NFPA LiNK you can assign colors to your bookmarks and then sort them by its color. As other codes and standards are added to the application, users will be able to bookmark and save across publications to provide a more holistic view of the relevant requirements.

Bookmarking also allows users to add their own personal notes, and with a team or enterprise subscription, users can share notes by creating "team collections." For example, if you and your team are working on a common project, you can create a team collection and give it a relevant title such as, "125 State Street," and when you add your bookmarks, they will be shared with your team both in MyLiNK and with the respective codes in "book view." It's a great way to collaborate with your coworkers as you strive to better understand code requirements. The video below gives a good overview of this Bookmark function:



All of the user's bookmarks will be stored in the “MyLiNK” section of the application. This is where users can organize their bookmarks into collections, and quickly pull up what is relevant to their needs at the time of use. Instead of having to scroll through the code text to find specific notes, users can now search, sort, and organize within MyLiNK. Learn more about the MyLiNK feature in the video below:



There's so much about NFPA LiNK you don't want to miss. Learn more about how NFPA LiNK can help you in your work. Purchase or try NFPA LiNK today by visiting the website. 

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Kyle Spencer
Director, NFPA LiNK

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