Get a Sneak Peak of the “Search” Feature Highlighted in Fourth Installment of NFPA LiNK Digital Platform Video Series

A few weeks ago, NFPA introduced a new blog series that explains some of the features and functionalities of NFPA LiNK™, the Association's newest digital platform that will deliver NFPA codes and standards, expert commentary, and supporting content for building, electrical, and life safety professionals and practitioners. We've received a great response to the series so far and this week we're pleased to offer the latest video in our series that addresses the “search” functionality.

The ability to search for content within a digital application is commonplace in today's world. When you're on the job, you expect to get to the information you need quickly and with a simple search. With NFPA LiNK, it's easy. Users will find that they can simply search by keyword, phrase, or section number within specific codes or even across publications. Results will appear as applicable codes and standards sections, in addition to information related to situations and solutions within the NFPA DiRECT feature. Want to know what else NFPA codes and standards have to say related to your search? With NFPA LiNK, you can expand your search across all current publications and find out what else may apply. Learn more about this “search” feature in the video below:

There's so much about NFPA LiNK you don't want to miss. The blog series is a great place to start. Begin with our first two videos that explain the Dashboard and publications features. The second installment showcases bookmarks and the “MyLiNK functionalities. Last week's blog highlighted the NFPA DiRECT situational navigation and DiRECT Content features. Stay tuned for next week's video blog where we point to the “share” feature.

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Find more information about the platform, a timeline of additional codes and standards that will be coming to NFPA LiNK, and a product introduction video at

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Kyle Spencer
Director, NFPA LiNK

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