Learn About the “Share” Feature With the Newest Entry of the NFPA LiNK Video Series

Soon after the launch of NFPA LiNK™, the Association's newest digital platform for building, electrical, and life safety professionals and practitioners, we introduced a new video blog series that offers a quick look inside the key functions and features of the tool. This week's video addresses the “share” functionality.


When referencing code requirements, users may need to share specific code text with peers. For example, let's say you are inspecting a job site and you find some violations. To assist with enforcement, you need to be able to reference specific code sections and share them with the responsible parties so they understand what was done incorrectly. NFPA LiNK allows you to share code sections via email to both subscribers and non-subscribers, along with your personal comments. By doing so, you will be able to maintain the integrity of the NFPA code and know you're referencing material from the source. Learn more about this “share” feature in the video below:


Don't miss out on all that NFPA LiNK provides. The blog series can be a helpful start. Check out the first two videos that explain the Dashboard and “publications” features. The second installment showcases “bookmarks” and the MyLiNK functionalities. The third blog in the series highlighted the NFPA DiRECT situational navigation and DiRECT Content features, and most recently last week's video blog gives us a glimpse into the “search” feature.

Learn more about how NFPA LiNK can help you in your work. Try NFPA LiNK today by visiting the website. Find more information about the platform, a timeline of additional codes and standards that will be coming to NFPA LiNK, and a product introduction video at nfpa.org/LiNK

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Kyle Spencer
Director, NFPA LiNK

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