Research: Tell Us What You Need!

If you are a firefighter, have you ever wondered how the industry is attacking the increased rates of cancer among firefighters or how to safely extinguish an electric vehicle fire?

As a fire sprinkler designer, do you ever wonder how the tables in the storage chapters of NFPA 13 are continuously evolving to push the limits to protect more diverse commodities and taller storage arrangements? Or how “they” figure out whether I need to install a sprinkler above my cloud ceiling?

As a building owner, or someone who works in the electrical word, what are the appropriate fire mitigation solutions for photovoltaic systems installed on building roofs?

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the challenging problems the fire protection community faces daily. Fortunately, many issues are often analyzed with resolution through the NFPA research affiliate, the Fire Protection Research Foundation. So how is the Fire Protection Research Foundation aware of fire protection industry concerns?  Each year the Foundation reviews project ideas that are submitted by YOU and others who share in interest in protecting people and property! Research requests do not need to be tied to a specific code or standard. In fact, here are a few examples of requests and affiliated reports that are not directly related to a code or standard:

Bear in mind, no project is too small (literature reviews, code comparisons, loss summaries) or too large (full scale fire testing). We take on large and limited projects - and anything in between!

Not sure what research needs to be done, but you feel something must be done. Maybe a workshop (research planning meeting) can help?

So please, if you have any research needs to thread the needle or solve a problem, simply submit a project idea form here by December 31, 2020!

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Jacqueline R. Wilmot
Research Project Manager, Fire Protection Research Foundation, the research affiliate of NFPA

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