Turkey Fryer Fire Thanksgiving Day Burns Three Homes, Displaces 27 Residents

When it comes to deep frying turkeys on Thanksgiving, NFPA takes a firm stance: don’t do it. Deep frying turkeys presents significant fire hazards that make it way too dangerous to be done safely.

An incident that occurred on Thanksgiving Day in New Bedford, MA reinforces this point. A turkey that was being deep fried on a back deck of a multi-family home caught fire, igniting the homes on each side as well.

According to local news reports, fire crews from several communities spent hours battling the blaze, which caused extensive damage to the three structures. While everyone was able to get outside, a total of 27 residents were displaced from their homes; one woman was taken to the hospital after sustaining serious injuries.

This incident presents an unfortunate reminder about the real fire risks associated with deep frying turkeys. While Thanksgiving is now past, the holiday season has just begun, and some people may be planning to serve deep fried turkey as part of their celebrations. Make sure your community is well aware of the risks and encourage anyone who would like to serve a deep-fried turkey to order one in advance from a local restaurant or grocery store, where it can be prepared safely.

Also, feel free to download and share our winter holiday tips and resources for helping ensure communities enjoy a fire-safe season in the weeks ahead.

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Susan McKelvey
Communications Manager

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