Getting to the Heart of NEC Listing Requirements

Does electrical equipment need to be listed? This is a question that practitioners have asked recently of NFPA and it’s one that comes up on a regular basis. Today, communication is dominated by social media and online forum discussions and as a result, people say they are having an increasingly difficult time determining what is required to be listed and what is not.

The most common bit of misinformation floating around online is that everything must be listed to be installed. There have also been statements made about how listed equipment can be used in all sorts of ways, based on the assumption that a listed product is a safe product.

In his latest NEC column for NFPA Journal, author Derek Vigstol gets to the heart of these misconceptions and tackles that one important question everyone seems to be struggling with: What does it really mean for something to be “listed”?

Read “Understanding the What, When, and Why About NEC Listing Requirements” to learn more about these requirements and how to comply.

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Derek Vigstol

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