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Latest NFPA Podcast, Video, and Program Event Emphasizes Electrical Safety for Workers

Together with Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), NFPA is raising awareness about how to reduce the risk of electrical-related fires, property loss, injuries, and loss of life at home and in the workplace. And this month, sharing this vital information with workers, employers, and the public is on full display as we support National Electrical Safety Month, an annual campaign led by ESFI to further spread these lifesaving messages. Check out some of our new resources aimed at professionals and practitioners in the field:

  • NFPA electrical content specialist, Derek Vigstol, caught up with Brett Brenner, ESFI’s president, to talk about what the data says about who most often experiences electrical injuries and how, and electrical safety considerations in the age of electric vehicles and smart home technology. Derek also talked to NEC Correlating Committee Chair Larry Ayer about how terminology remains consistent and coherent in the NEC. Listen to the NFPA Podcast interview, “Electrical Injuries on the Job and in the Home.”
  • NFPA Journal released its newest “Learn Something New” video. Host Angelo Verzoni breaks down the differences between volts, amps, and watts, and how they relate to keeping electrical outlets in homes safe. This video provides important information you can share with people you know.
  • The latest NFPA 70E fact sheet helps employers provide a safe workplace for employees. It explains the role NFPA 70E plays for both employer and employee and provides insight into some of the major changes of the 2021 edition.
  • Electrical safety in the workplace was on full display on Tuesday, May 18 when NFPA hosted its “Empowering Electrical Design, Installation, and Safety” program as part of the NFPA 125th Anniversary Conference Series. Topics included dissecting the powerful relationship between OSHA and NFPA 70E, using electrical incident data to avoid occupational injuries from electrical hazards, and understanding key research related to cognitive and behavioral health changes that happen to a person after an electrical incident. The program is available on demand for up to a year. Register to watch the sessions at a later date if you missed Tuesday’s event.

As we settle into the month of May, let’s work together to highlight Electrical Safety Month by sharing this important information and spreading the word on the profound impact electrical safety has on our daily lives. Find our resources and related information to share on our website at nfpa.org/electricalsafety.

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LisaMarie Sinatra
Communications Manager, Public Affairs Office

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