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Weaknesses in Global Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem Highlighted in New NFPA Policy Institute “2020 Year in Review” Report

Every day we are struck here at NFPA by the number of global news headlines we read about injuries, deaths, and property loss from fire and related hazards. And with each event, we can’t help but ask - What actions led up to the event? How could this tragedy have been averted? What changes are needed to keep similar events from happening again?

Over time, questions such as these led NFPA to develop in 2018 the Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem™, a framework that identifies the components that must work together to minimize risk and help prevent loss, injuries, and death from fire, life, electrical, and other hazards. We realized that if any of the eight key components of this safety system are missing or functioning poorly, calamities happen and the risk to life, property, and economic productivity increases.

This month the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Policy Institute released the 2020 Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem™: Year in Review report. This latest edition examines U.S. and international events in the last year including massive wildfires, the Beirut port explosion, and another exterior cladding high-rise fire that highlight how gaps, cracks, and weaknesses in our global fire and life safety system become tragedies.

Examining the events outlined in the Year in Review report gives us the opportunity to not only understand the role fire plays in today’s society but it can help communities recognize the fault lines that enabled each calamity and use the examples to help address fractures in their own fire and life safety ecosystems to create safer areas to live. With each incident, the NFPA Fire & Life Ecosystem is a key to understanding how decisions made over time can either exacerbate or control these threats to safety.

Download the free 2020 Year in Review report and find related resources and information about the NFPA Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem on the NFPA Ecosystem webpage

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LisaMarie Sinatra
Communications Manager, Public Affairs Office

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