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NFPA Today - September 17, 2021

RFP now open for FPRF Project: Landscape of ESS Hazards and Mitigation Strategies due October 5

Battery Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are a critical part of today's dramatic push for sustainable and renewable electrical energy. As a result, these systems are proliferating at an exponential pace. While the fire protection and emergency response communities are working with ESS providers and others to ensure acceptable safe installations, there are still gaps in the fundamental understanding of lithium-ion ESS hazards. These voids leave serious safety questions unanswered. It is imperative for the full landscape of battery ESS hazards and mitigation strategies to be thoroughly defined, reviewed, and communicated out to the energy storage and fire safety communities so that they can safely support the use of these units. This comprehensive review aims to support the development of best practices and inform updates to relevant safety standards, such as NFPA 855, Standard for Stationary Energy Storage Systems, FM Global Datasheet DS-5-33, Electrical Energy Storage Systems, and more.

Sponsored by the Fire Protection Research Foundation’s Energy Storage Research Consortium, the project aims to establish a robust understanding of li-ion battery-based energy storage system hazards and strategic fire protection and response factors through a thorough literature review, hazard assessment, and gap analysis.

The open RFP is available here and on the Research Foundation’s website. Please submit your proposals by 5 p.m. ET on Friday, October 8, 2021.

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Victoria Hutchison
Research Project Manager, passionate about the advancement of fire protection, life safety and emerging technologies through the development of research at FPRF.

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