NFPA debuts free online drone training and knowledge base for fire service administrators and operators

In as much as it is cool to utilize drones during fire prevention and emergency response efforts, it is not advisable to do so without proper understanding of best practices, protocols, and an understanding of the guidance found within NFPA 2400, Standard for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) Used for Public Safety Operations.

To help first responders effectively deploy drones during structural fires, wildfires, natural disasters, rescue efforts, and large public gatherings that may require additional visibility, NFPA has developed new free online drone training so that fire service administrators and operators can create, manage, and maintain small, unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) programs.

The NFPA drone online learning is comprised of approximately four, hour-long, self-paced modules with interactive videos, immersive virtual reality tools, and other elements that help first responders grasp and remember important drone safety information.

NFPA applied for and received a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety Grant so that the training and the knowledge base could be developed for the nation’s more than 1.1 million firefighters. The two FEMA-funded resources can be found at along with a short video, NFPA 2400, related research, and relevant NFPA content.

Given that most fire departments conduct training in-house, on a regular basis, NFPA has worked to provide progressive online solutions that will help municipalities. In addition to the new drone training program, NFPA offers fire departments online learning programs centered around energy storage systems (ESS), alternative/electric vehicles (AFV/EV), flammable refrigerants, and NFPA 1700, Guide for Structural Fire Fighting. Fire service training officers and company leaders are encouraged to factor these five online solutions into their annual learning objectives.

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Matt Levin
Matthew Levin
NFPA Public Affairs Intern

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