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Have you experienced an operational cable failure in a life safety system due to fire/effects? If so, want to hear more about your experience!

To determine if temperature impacts the transmission and functional/operational quality of alarm/data signals, voice messages, or Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES) over coax or category cabling in fire and non-fire rated environments, the Fire Protection Research Foundation kicked off a project titled: “Evaluating Data and Voice Signals in Pathway Survivable Cables for Life Safety Systems.” Among the first set of tasks is to identify incidents of cable failures for life safety systems and, if possible, indicate if elevated temperature played a role in those failures. If you, or someone you know is aware of incidents of operational cable failures for life safety systems, please consider taking this two-minute survey to provide us with additional information.  You can also take the survey on your phone by scanning the QR code provided below:

The next phase of the project will be to develop a research plan that includes proposed fire testing for the transmission and functional/operational quality of alarm/data signals and voice messages so that we can determine the impact of temperature and time under certain conditions. This report is expected to be completed in the spring.

Please note that your participation in this research questionnaire is voluntary. You may skip any question that you are not able to answer. The information you provide through this survey will remain anonymous. This means that your name or organization will not be collected or linked to the data in any way. The anonymized and compiled results of this survey will be used in the final documentation of this study, but your identity will not be disclosed.

We thank you for your time and participation. The deadline to complete this questionnaire is January 15, 2022. Completing the questions is expected to take approximately 2 minutes.

If you have any questions regarding this survey, please contact Jacqueline Wilmot, Fire Protection Research Foundation.

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Jacqueline R. Wilmot, P.E.
Research Project Manager, Fire Protection Research Foundation, the research affiliate of NFPA

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