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A Better Understanding of NFPA 70E NFPA 70E Open for Public Comment

NFPA 70E®, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace® has been processed through the First Draft stage and is now open for public comment. The draft has been posted on the NFPA 70E web page under the next edition tab which allows you to review what has occurred during this revision cycle. There you will also be able to submit a comment on the work done at the First Draft.

The 335 submitted public inputs resulted in 166 revisions being made. Many of the revisions addressed NEC Manual of Style changes although technical changes were also made. NFPA 70E and the National Electrical Code (NEC) follow the same format since many workers use both standards. This minimizes misunderstanding how to locate and properly apply the requirements of both standards.

While not technical changes, several existing requirements were revised to alleviate user confusion and misunderstanding when applying a requirement. With the increased interest and application of Chapter 3, revisions clarified the equipment, and energy (hazard) thresholds covered by the specific articles. A piece of equipment’s condition of maintenance greatly impacts the safety of all employees interacting with the equipment whether it be for normal operation or maintenance. New Informative Annex S provides guidance on assessing the condition of maintenance of electrical equipment.

You will also be able to view the responses to the submitted public inputs. This allows you to comment on inputs that you feel should be re-considered for the next edition. With NFPA 70E applying to worker safety in all workplaces, it is not possible to anticipate the electrical safety issues that may present everywhere. The technical committee can’t read your mind and needs your comments to address your concerns. You have until May 31, 2022 to submit your comments. The safe work practices in NFPA 70E have been getting employees home unharmed for 40 years. It is your standard. Be a part of it.

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Christopher Coache
Senior Electrical Engineer

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