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The Hunger Games, virtual reality, and innovative tech are converging at the NFPA Conference & Expo® this June

What do the Hunger Games, virtual reality, and other innovative technologies have in common? Their application to fire and life safety at the 2022 NFPA Conference & Expo®, of course!

Following is a sampling of educational sessions and other special events at this June’s conference, from those that highlight innovative technologies impacting fire and life safety to a presentation that uses creative analogies to identify the elements of a successful CRR program. Plus, check out the session on mitigating insurance risks for buildings under construction:

Catching Fire: Exploring Winning Strategies for Community Risk Reduction
Chelsea Rubadou and Karen Berard-Reed, NFPA
Welcome to Panem, a post-apocalyptic dystopian society that provides the perfect backdrop to explore strategic community risk reduction (CRR) and prepare for the 99th annual Hunger Games. May the odds be ever in your favor throughout this session as attendees learn about the parallels between the risk reduction processes outlined in NFPA 1300, Standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development, and life in the 13 districts of our republic. To survive the games, participating competitors, mentors, and sponsors will have to consider their unique strengths to overcome inequities, reduce risks, fight unforeseen challenges, and build capacity. Throughout the games, attendees will learn how data can guide strategic decision-making and how to tell a data story to garner the support of stakeholders and partners.

Monday, June 6, 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center - 258AB

Using Virtual Reality to Communicate the Benefits of Home Fire Sprinklers
Lorraine Carli, NFPA, Peg Paul, Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition
Incentives can encourage home developers to install sprinklers in new home developments that don’t require them by law, but it can be challenging to ensure developers and stakeholders know how quickly fires can become deadly. In this session, attendees will hear from Lorraine Carli and Peg Paul as they discuss the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition’s virtual reality (VR) flashover/fire sprinkler demonstration and how it can be used to demonstrate how fast a home fire can become deadly and how quickly sprinklers can control it. Attendees will also be invited to experience the VR demonstration first-hand to see how it can overcome the challenges of live demonstrations.

Tuesday, June 7, 2 – 3 p.m.
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center - 259AB

The Future of SMART Fire Protection
David Fuller, FM Approvals, Seth Sienkiewicz, FM Global, Weston Baker, FM Global, Yibing Xin, FM Global
Today’s traditional fire protection solutions face the challenges of both increasing fire hazards and limited water resources. In this session, attendees will learn how new technologies such as SMART (Simultaneous Monitoring, Assessment, and Response Technology) fire protection are being used to meet these challenges. The presenters will focus on recent evaluations of emerging technologies that aim to lower water demand and address dangerous fire hazards.

Tuesday, June 7, 4:30 – 6 p.m.
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center - 153ABC

Fires in Buildings Under Construction—Closing the Insurance and Fire Protection Gap
Joseph Amodeo, Technical Risk Underwriters, Justin Moseley, Tokio Marine Highland, Kevin Carr, NFPA, Matt Hinds-Aldrich, American Assoc. of Insurance Services, Raymond O'Brocki, American Wood Council
In this session, attendees will hear from leading SMEs on how to close the gap between the fire protection field and the insurance industry to reduce fires in buildings under construction. The panelists in this session will share research on fires in buildings under construction, how certain insurance programs reduce losses from fires in buildings under construction, and how underwriters think about and attempt to reduce fires when writing insurance for contractors. Attendees will also learn how insurers and AHJs can more closely align to reduce fires in buildings under construction and encourage compliance with established fire safety practices and regulations.

Wednesday, June 8, 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m.
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center - 254AB

Wildfire augmented reality on NFPA app
Come explore NFPA’s latest interactive wildfire safety tool on your smart phone. This augmented reality mitigation tool helps teach homeowners how to better protect their property from the effects of wildfire. Visit the NFPA booth on the expo floor to learn more about the app and how it works.

These are just a few examples of more than 110 educational sessions and opportunities being held at the NFPA C&E on June 6-9 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. If you haven’t done so already, register today! We hope to see you there.

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Susan McKelvey
Communications Manager

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