CRAIG 1300™ State Trailblazer Helps Improve Community Risk Reduction Programs

If you want to make your state a safer place through community risk reduction (CRR) but struggle with the time and resources to take a new community risk assessment (CRA) project, CRAIG 1300 is the cutting-edge tool to help you do it. And with NFPA kicking off its limited-time CRAIG 1300™ State Trailblazer discount*, now is the best time add CRAIG 1300 to your team’s community data toolkit.

Powered by mySidewalk—an innovative community intelligence platform—CRAIG 1300 is your state-of-the-art CRR sidekick that can help make better sense of data through the application of NFPA 1300, Standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development.

Generate and Share Data Insights Visually

To make your state safer, you need to make decisions grounded in data. With CRAIG 1300—which stands for Community Risk Assessment Insight Generator—you can easily aggregate and analyze publicly available data, find impactful community insights faster, and share your research and proposals with other stakeholders using eye-popping graphs, charts, and heatmaps.

“The great thing was the visual,” said Jeremy Holmes, Fire Chief for Covington Fire Department. “Once you’re able to pull the program up and show your counsel and leadership the data—and you’re able to map it out—it’s huge… It wasn’t just me saying it. It was them seeing it. And because of that, they jumped on board immediately.”

Alice Morrison, data analyst for the West Virginia State Fire Marshal’s Office (WVSFMO) said, “The data makes sense when you see it on these maps and charts, and I think that’ll be a great encouragement to the fire departments—as well as the public—to be able to see it.”

For a limited time, your state can obtain this powerful CRR asset at a discount using the CRAIG 1300 State Trailblazer discount from NFPA®.

CRAIG 1300 State Trailblazer

As your department’s digital data assistant, CRAIG 1300 can be customized to your team’s unique needs; the State Trailblazer offer covers two of the CRAIG 1300 user-friendly dashboards that save you time and resources so you can focus on what matters most—improving community safety in your state.

  • CRAIG 1300 State Pro: This turnkey dashboard uses geospatial analytics to identify your community’s unique characteristics without inputting any of your own data.
  • CRAIG 1300 State Plus: This expanded dashboard option includes five additional custom indicators and NFIRS data to support your state’s public safety programs with data-driven CRR.

WVSFMO’s State Fire Marshal, Ken Tyree, shared his biggest CRAIG 1300 success: “Based on our data from this program, we had the opportunity to participate in a smoke alarm installation program with the Marshall University football team.”

Community Risk Reduction (CRR) Through Community Risk Assessment (CRA)

An effective CRR plan is informed by a comprehensive CRA that defines, identifies, and prioritizes risks in a community through the nine NFPA 1300 community risk profiles:

  • Building Stock
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Demographics
  • Economics
  • Geography
  • Hazards
  • Pass Loss and Event History
  • Public Safety Response Agencies
  • Critical Infrastructure Systems 

Using several reputable data sources, CRAIG 1300 crunches the numbers and combines them into the profiles with speed and precision so you don’t have to.

Find the CRR Solution for You

With CRAIG 1300 State Pro, CRAIG 1300 State Plus, and CRAIG 1300 State Flex options, you probably want to know what CRR solution is right for you—here’s how to find out:

Speak with a representative from mySidewalk—our CRAIG 1300 partner will walk you through the process of selecting the right CRR solution.

Visit to learn more about CRAIG 1300 State Trailblazer.

*Offer valid for state agencies who sign prior to Dec. 31. Flexible payment/invoicing terms are available. No more than a 5% pricing increase will be applied upon renewal. However, this may limit availability of new features added to CRAIG State products. 

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Steven Schilling
Digital Content Writer

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