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Promoting safety messages, whether in traditional learning settings, virtual settings, social media or other means is an important part of public education efforts to raise awareness and provide information to help keep people safe.  NFPA’s Educational Messaging Desk Reference, now in the updated 2020 Edition, offers Fire and Life Safety (FLS) educators and those involved in injury prevention and public education, a compendium of accurate, relevant and up to date messaging for a multitude of facets of fire and burn prevention.

The Desk Reference is the result of the hard work of the Educational Messaging Advisory Committee (EMAC) in conjunction with NFPA Public Education Division staff.  The EMAC reviews current messages and all submissions made by professional and general public stakeholders, to determine what information is needed for public messaging, and how to position those messages in the most accurate and clear way.  New chapters on Pet Fire Safety and Youth Firesetting have been added along with new messaging/sections on:

  • Carbon Monoxide – boating and marinas
  • Home Fire Escape – for people who are deaf or have hearing loss, use a mobility device and are blind or have low vision
  • Fire Safety Away from Home - peer-to-peer hospitality, motor home, camper and recreation vehicle safety, safety in places of public assembly, car fire safety
  • Cooking - microwave ovens, gas grills
  • Electrical- pools, hot tubs, and spas, equipment safety, marina and boating safety
  • Candle - how to burn a candle, candles for religious/ceremonial use in homes
  • Outdoor burning – campfire safety, fire pit safety, recreational fire use
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquid and Gases – propane gas safety, propane appliance maintenance, gel fuel safety
  • Battery Safety – 9-volt batteries, battery disposal

The EMAC meets periodically to review NFPA’s fire and burn safety education messages and to provide recommendations to NFPA public education staff for messaging updates and revisions.  Submissions of comments, proposed revisions, and new messages is done on an ongoing basis from a wide variety of professionals and public audiences.  The report on proposed submissions considered for this 2020 edition is available along with the Desk Reference at www.nfpa.org/emac.

My sincere thanks to our Committee: Ernest Grant, Chair, American Nurses Association,  Marty Ahrens, NFPA, Meri-K Appy, Vision 20/20,  Brett Brenner, Electrical Safety Foundation International, Kwame Cooper, LA City Fire Department, retired, Torine Creppy, Safe Kids Worldwide, Debbie Goetz, Seattle Fire Department, Michael D. Greenia, Vermont Division of Fire Safety, Kevin Kelley, American Red Cross, Michael Kozo, Fire Department New York, Teresa Neal, United States Fire Administration, Sylvia Peace, Greenville Fire Rescue, Zoe Susice, UL FSRI, Nancy Trench, Oklahoma State University, retired, and NFPA staff  liaisons Amy LeBeau and Kelly Ransdell. 

The time, energy, and talent they give to assure NFPA is providing the most up to date, accurate and consistent fire and life safety messaging is tremendous and much appreciated. Download your copy today! 

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Andrea Vastis
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