Girl on the news after saving family from fire

Young girl helps her family safely escape a home fire, recalling escape messages she’d previously learned

Julia Post, a seven-year-old girl from Redmond, Washington, helped her family escape an extensive home fire last Friday evening after awakening to the smell of smoke. Julia, her parents and 10-month-old sister, who live in a condominium complex, were able to get out safely as a result of practicing what she’d been taught.

“I remember just get people out,” Julia told KOMO News. “Whoever is in the house, get out.”

According to the news report, Julia woke up her father, Price Post, alerting him to the fire, then got herself and her baby sister outside, where she remained while waiting for her father and others to escape. The fire spread to two other units, another unit had smoke damage, and five more experienced water damage; in total, as many as three dozen people were displaced. It was not clear from the news reports whether smoke alarms were present or working.

“I’m eternally grateful for my daughter,” said Mr. Post. “She really did save our lives. If she didn’t move as fast as she did, I don’t know if we would’ve gotten out of there honestly.”

Incidents like this demonstrate how carefully children listen to and absorb the information they learn about fire safety, and the powerful impact those messages can make. “Get out, stay out” is one of the key messages behind home escape planning and practice. Julia’s ability to put those words into action delivered life-saving results for herself and others. Had she not learned and applied this information, the outcome of the fire may have been quite more serious.

NFPA’s Learn Not to Burn® program and our wealth of public education resources give fire departments, safety educators and teachers all the tools they need to teach children about basic but critical elements of fire safety. Take full advantage of them – as this story points out, what kids learn about fire safety can deliver life-saving results.

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Susan McKelvey
Communications Manager

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