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What’s new in grilling and cooking safety messaging?

Grilling safety and safe use of cooking appliances are part of the updated messaging included in the Cooking chapter of NFPA’s Educational Messages Desk Reference, now in its updated 2020 edition. The desk reference supports Fire & Life Safety (FLS) educators in delivering educational programs that are accurate, consistent, and relevant to their audiences.  New and updated messaging in the Cooking Chapter includes gas grill maintenance, what to do in case of a cooking fire, proper use of electrical cooking equipment, and even updated messaging on the appropriate use of turkey fryers. 

As we enter the Spring season with loosening COVID-19 restrictions, and more gatherings and outdoor activity, there is renewed cause for promoting key messages related to cooking and grilling, as these daily activities contribute to the leading causes of home fires and home fire injuries. These types of fires and burns are preventable when taking simple, doable precautions, and these messages need consistent reminders across social media and community education efforts. Fire & burn prevention messages can be delivered in a variety of formats including our 10-minute lesson plans on a variety of topics, which can be delivered in person and via virtual platforms, or by distributing one of the many NFPA's tip sheets at drive through vaccination sites and via local restaurant delivery services.

The lesson learned during the pandemic is that FLS educators are super creative in finding ways to reach their communities and the Desk Reference gives them the foundational messaging to support their efforts. The messages within this document are developed and reviewed by the Educational Messaging Advisory Committee (EMAC), a multi-disciplinary group of professionals, with input from a variety of stakeholders. These messages undergo technical review for alignment with codes and standards, are reviewed by national partners, and have universal application across fire & life safety, injury prevention, and public health education professionals.

The next updated messages blog will feature new content added as relates to outdoor burning – campfires and fire pits specifically. Thank you for all you do to education and support your community’s health and safety.

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