Sparky's Fire Safety Club

All-new “Sparky’s Fire Safety Club” and badging system reward kids for learning fire safety basics

In celebration of Sparky the Fire Dog’s® 70th birthday, NFPA has created an all-new Sparky’s Fire Safety Club and badging system on, the association’s award-winning website for kids. Together, these new online features teach kids basic but critical elements of fire safety while rewarding them for their efforts as they go.

Sparky’s Fire Safety Club allows kids to create a user profile and earn badges each time they complete a video, game, or activity. Kids have the freedom to earn all three badges at their own pace over time. The user profile and achievements pages help kids track their progress. Once kids receive all three badges, they become an official member of club and can download a certificate.

The fire and life safety information communicated through the badges include the importance of working smoke alarms, how to create a home fire escape plan and practice it with all members of the household, as well as guidance around staying away from things that get hot, among other associated messages.

Sparky’s Fire Safety Club makes learning about the fundamentals of fire safety fun while working to ensure that kids have the skill set needed to identify potential fire hazards and how to protect themselves from those risks.

Fire safety educators and teachers can use Sparky’s Fire Safety Club and the badging system as part of the fire safety education efforts, while Sparky’s School House continues to serve as a resource for teachers incorporating fire safety into their curricula.

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Susan McKelvey
Communications Manager

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