Knox Safety releases survey findings about public’s confusion around smoke and CO alarm sounds, reinforcing importance of FPW 2021’s “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety™”

Knox Safety, a division of the Knox Company, released findings from a recent Qualtrics survey* that reinforce the importance of this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme, “Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety™.”

According to the survey, U.S. consumers are often confused about the sounds emitted from home safety devices and unsure how and when to react. When presented with an audible carbon monoxide (CO) alarm’s beep, only 34% of Spanish-speaking respondents and 47% of English-speaking respondents, were able to identify the beep emitted from a CO alarm. Most respondents were also unable to distinguish the difference between the beeps from a CO alarm, smoke alarm, or microwave oven.

“Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety” works to better educate the public about the sounds their smoke and CO alarms make, what they mean, and how to respond to them. As the survey findings highlight, these messages are relevant and timely.

Even though Fire Prevention Week is winding down in the next couple of days, promoting its messages requires year-round effort. Make sure to visit for information and resources you can continue to share information with your community about smoke and CO alarms throughout October and beyond.

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Susan McKelvey
Communications Manager

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