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Give your Fire Prevention Week efforts legs to last all year long

While Fire Prevention Week ended October 9th, events and activities occur all month long.  But then what?  The key to a great Fire Prevention Week is in what Fire & Life Safety (FLS) educators do with the momentum created during October to keep fire & burn prevention education going all year long.  Whether events were held in person or virtually, it’s likely that you widened your audience via social media followers, open houses and educational activities, and people signing up for local smoke alarm installation programs.  

Fire Prevention Week is not only a culminating event, it can also be a springboard for year-round efforts. Use that energy and excitement created during your FPW activities to keep your community engaged.  Here are some tips:

  • Keep in touch with your (old and new) social media followers:Keep your social media feeds active with relevant topical information like Halloween safety, followed by Thanksgiving and Winter holidays safety tips and information
  • Speaking of social media:You don’t have to come up with original content if you follow and share from trusted sources such as Sparky the Fire Dog’s Facebook and Twitter and USFA social media channels.
  • Keep the "Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety" theme going with your community members who may not be alerted by traditional alarms such as older adults and people who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Follow up:Make sure to thank all those community partners who donated and participated in your programs, share your results, and offer more opportunities for them to support year-round fire and burn prevention efforts.
  • NFPA’s new “I Spy the Sounds of Fire Safety” video along with other fun and educational videos on are “evergreen” to be used year-round

By tying fire safety to relevant community events and observances, FLS educators can continue to provide accurate, topical, and actionable education to maintain that momentum created during FPW.  Onward to November…..

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Andrea Vastis
Senior Director, Public Education, public health promotion & education professional passionate about eliminating disparities in access, education and resources.

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