CRR Workshop Provides Strategies for Identifying and Mitigating Community Risks

On Wednesday, Karen Berard-Reed, CRR lead at NFPA®, led a community risk reduction (CRR) workshop with Lauri Volkert, fire marshal of the Town of Windsor (Connecticut), as part of the 2023 Conference & Expo®. The half-day workshop provided attendees with a comprehensive overview of CRR and its impact on effectively identifying and mitigating community risks. The workshop was designed for those entering the CRR space, specialists seeking to expand their knowledge base, and CRR champions eager to capture additional content that will help grow their local teams.

Each of the sessions fostered rich discussions and skill-building activities to help CRR specialists boost local capacity for CRR implementation with the goal of giving them concrete actions to bring back to their communities. Overall, the workshop proved to be highly interactive with lots of engagement from folks at both local and state level agencies across North America. It also served as an excellent networking opportunity to drive continued conversations after the event.     

For anyone working to kick-start a CRR program in their community, check out NFPA 1300, Standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development, which provides a roadmap for identifying the leading risks in a given community and effectively mitigating them.

Also, CRAIG 1300® is the NFPA digital dashboard that can help streamline and maximize your CRA and CRR efforts. Aligned to the industry standard on CRR, CRAIG 1300 aggregates important community data, provides useful data visualizations, and curates data sets to assist those working through the CRA process. Learn more about CRAIG 1300 by taking a demo of this dynamic, easy-to-use tool today.

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Susan McKelvey
Communications Manager

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