Work in Progress

On the 30th anniversary of NFPA 921,
the groundbreaking guide for fire investigations,
an influential new report presents a sobering
assessment of how far the discipline has yet to go

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Full Throttle

As the popularity of e-bikes and e-scooters grows, some safety experts say more regulation of these devices is needed—efforts that can be met with resistance

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'Breakdowns at Every Point'
How two local journalists uncovered dangerous systemic flaws in how Chicago handles building code enforcement, and won the Pulitzer Prize in the process. Read article.

The New Foam
The go-to foam for suppressing liquid fuel fires is being rapidly phased out worldwide. What will replace it, and what will the transition look like? Read article.


The Future of Fire Investigation

Thirty years ago, NFPA released NFPA 921, the world’s first comprehensive guide on fire and explosion investigation. Since then, the profession has advanced leaps and bounds. However, a recent report on the profession argues that fire investigation can still be more art than science, with a lack of consistency, no system of peer review, and no higher-education requirements for investigators. On today’s podcast, we talk about fire investigation with one of the experts who helped write that report. We discuss where the profession has been, where it should go, and how NFPA is at the center of many of the proposed changes. 


The Relationship Between Extreme Heat and Wildfire
In this episode of Learn Something New by NFPA Journal, we examine the relationship between extreme heat and wildfire as well as offer some tips for staying safe when hot and dry conditions combine to increase wildfire risk.

Safety in Airbnbs

With summer in full swing, NFPA offers tips to stay safe in short-term rentals, hotels, and elsewhere

ESS Prep

Firefighters need improved ESS training and regulation to safely coexistence with this evolving, complex hazard

Added Protection
With explosions on the rise, NFPA releases a new standard on gas detection and alarm equipment

Happy Together
The NEC headlined the 2022 Technical Meeting, the first to take place in person since 2019

Single-exit design in multistory apartment buildings. Read more.

The time delay between sprinkler actuation and fire alarm notification. Read more. 
Automated and remote inspection and testing of sprinkler systems. Read more.
EV charging safety considerations for end users. Read more.

Economically disadvantaged people face a disproportionate share of fire risk in the US. But there are ways we can address this problem. Read more.
As Fire Prevention Week marks its centennial, the home fire problem takes on a new urgency. Read more.
A successful pilot program proves that communities can take the necessary steps to dramatically reduce their risk from wildfire. Read more.

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