Mapping Fire

An ambitious project in the
European Union to harmonize
fire data collection methods
could be a model for the world

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Brave New World

A safety expert argues that several emerging global challenges call for a new performance-oriented approach to building safety

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Arab Style
A Beirut-based fire safety expert shares compliance problems she's encountered on some of the Middle East's most ambitious projects. Read article

Essential Reading
After 15 years, a revamped Fire Protection Handbook is set to hit shelves in the spring. Read article


A Handbook 15 Years in the Making
The Fire Protection Handbook, one of NFPA’s oldest and most significant publications, has undergone a wholesale update for the first time in 15 years. The new edition will be out this spring. We talk to Nick Dawe, a fire marshal in Georgia, and Casey Grant, a fire protection engineer and the former executive director of the Fire Protection Research Foundation, about the handbook’s importance in the fire protection world, as well as the many new hazards that have emerged since the last edition was published in the mid 2000s. Then, on a new Code Corner, NFPA engineer Shawn Mahoney addresses some misconceptions about fire alarm strobe lights.


The Relationship Between Extreme Heat and Wildfire
In this episode of Learn Something New by NFPA Journal, we examine the relationship between extreme heat and wildfire as well as offer some tips for staying safe when hot and dry conditions combine to increase wildfire risk.

Winter Checklist

As cold temperatures arrive, preparing your facility for the impacts of freezing weather should be top of mind

Call to Action

The first ever USFA summit on fire prevention puts the nation's fire problem into sharp focus

The Perfect Storm
The author of the new book 'California Burning' explains the dangerous interplay between climate, energy policy, and wildfire disasters.

Full Throttle
As the popularity of e-bikes and e-scooters grows, some safety experts say more regulation of these devices is needed—efforts that can be met with resistance

A Thai nightclub fire underscores the critical need for occupancy requirements. Read more.

The role of emergency responder communication enhancement systems. Read more. 
The growing importance of fire suppression in data centers. Read more.
What NEC requirements say about electric micromobility devices. Read more.

A new project takes aim at quantifying the true cost of fire, and the fiscal upside of fire protection. Read more.
The modern fire problem contains echoes of the challenges articulated by president Harry Truman 75 years ago. Read more.
The US federal government has committed $3 billion to fund local wildfire efforts, but access to the money is clogged with red tape. Read more.

Daily Dispatches
News for America's Fire Service, compiled by the
Western Fire Chiefs Association

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The global promise of harmonized fire data, life safety challenges in Middle Eastern mega projects, the energy industry and wildfire, a consideration of a new performance approach to improve building safety, and much more. It’s all in the Winter 2022 issue of NFPA Journal.

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