March / April 2002

Protecting Essential Records, 2001 Wildfires, NFPA 5000, Halon Alternative, Fire Service Public Education.

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Permanent Record
NFPA guides business professionals, governments, and property owners in the protection of essential records that are vital to the performance and survival of their vested interests.
Scott Baltic


Wildfires 2001
Early last year, storms delayed the 2001 wildfire season. Despite the delay, the Pacific Northwest was hit hard, making it the region of the United States most severely affected by wildfires last year.
Shelly Reese

NFPA 5000: Full-Service Building Code
NFPA 5000, Building Code™, proposes a full-service support package to train, certify, and help users apply the requirements of, and enforce, the code effectively.
Alisa Wolf


Fire Alarm Paper Trail
Documentation is the key to compliance, and NFPA 72 provides the needed recordkeeping.
Wayne D. Moore
Inside the Beltway
Manufactured Housing Safety
Congress speeds up the process for updating manufactured housing safety standards.
Anthony R. O'Neill
First Response
Moving Forward for Safety
George Miller
Meeting Member Needs
NFPA's upcoming World Safety Conference and Exposition™ provides value for attendees and exhibitors.
Brian Benstock
Fire Watch
Incendiary fire destroys office building in California
Ken Tremblay
Out Reach
Safety Lessons Beyond September 11
The SafeUSA conference revealed the keys to meeting the safety needs of the United States.
Meri-K Appy
Heads Up
The Demise of the ‘Standard' Sprinkler
Revisions to NFPA 13 make the ‘standard' sprinkler a thing of the past.
Russell P. Fleming
Struct. Firefighting
Flow Rates and Compartmentation
It's important to calculate rate of flow for each compartment in a building.
Russ Sanders & Ben Klaene
Just Ask
Sprinkler Changes
Learn how proposed changes to the 2002 edition of NFPA 13 will affect you.
Christian Dubay
Up to Code
Performance-Based Design Option
NFPA 5000, Building Code™, will include a performance-based design option for greater flexibility.
Gregory Harrington
In Compliance
Egress Issues in Offices
Egress features can be affected by rearranging office building interiors.
Chip Carson, P.E.