May / June 2002

NFPA’s New President, NFPA and International Buildings, Pyrotechnics, Roller Coaster Fire, Minneapolis Convention Center.

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The Boss
Outgoing NFPA President George D. Miller leaves behind an impressive legacy as the incoming president, Jim Shannon, leads the organization into the future.
Hallie Ephron Touger


Global Design Harmony
The Kingdom Centre in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and the Jin Mao Tower in Shanghai, China, are two examples of international buildings using NFPA codes and standards.
Martin H. Reiss, P.E., and James H. Antell, AIA, P.E.

All major amusement parks and family resorts in the United States rely on NFPA standards for pyrotechnics.
John Nicholson


Staying Qualified as an Alarm Professional
What defines a qualified fire alarm system designer or technician?
Wayne D. Moore
Just Ask
Using NFPA 72® Correctly
NFPA staff answer some of the most frequently asked questions about this widely used code.
Lee Richardson
Fire Watch
Child playing with lighter ignites fire, killing self and mother in Alabama
Ken Tremblay
Looking Back
...at fires in high-rise office buildings
John Nicholson
First Response
Fond Farewell
George Miller
Americas' Fire Expo Returns to Miami
Thousands of fire safety and security professionals will come together in July.
Gabriela Portillo Mazal
Heads Up
New Rules and Regulations for Sprinklers
NFPA 25 focuses on changes in inspection and maintenance for automatic sprinklers.
Russell P. Fleming
Out Reach
Panic Is a Misunderstood Concept
Public safety education has made the difference in emergency behavior.
Meri-K Appy
Inside the Beltway
Fire Grant Program Here to Stay
Grant money available to fire departments in 2002 is nearly four times that of last year.
Anthony R. O'Neill
Struct. Firefighting
Alarm Systems and False Alarms
Habitual nuisance and false alarms can cause complacency.
Russ Sanders & Ben Klaene
In Compliance
Figuring Safety in Mixed-Use Structures
NFPA 101® includes provisions to determine if an occupancy is mixed-use or incidental.
Upto Code
Keeping Mixed-Use Occupancies Safe
NFPA 101® and the proposed NFPA 5000™ respond to trends in building design and multiple-use.
NFPA Staff