May / June 2003

The Big Dig, Hartford Nursing Home Fire, Live-Fire Training, Canadian Nuclear Plant, Next-Generation N-Plants, Vital-Records Storage.

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The Big Dig:
NFPA 502 drives safety of world's biggest tunnel system.
Ed Comeau and Bill Flynn


Behind Closed Doors
A deadly fire in a highly regulated health-care occupancy is leading to stricter sprinkler requirements for nursing homes in Connecticut
Alisa Wolf

Live Burn:
NFPA 1403 guides firefighter safety during hazardous live fire training
John Paradise

Looking Up:
Canadian nuclear power plant utilitizes NFPA codes and the expertise of technical committee members.
John Nicholson


Building to Code
Assembly Occupancies and NFPA 5000™
Inside the Beltway
NFPA-based fire-safety standard for shipyards nears end of long voyage
Stephen Barlas
Understanding the limitations of a fire alarm system
Wayne D. Moore
Just Ask
NFPA 403 addresses staffing issues for ARFF services at airports
Mark Conroy
Fire Watch
Hospital fire quickly extinguished in Massachusetts
Ken Tremblay
Looking Back
...at the Happy Lands Social Club Fire: Lessons Learned
John Nicholson
First Word
The challenge recent tragedies presents NFPA
James M. Shannon
Expo delivers domestic and Latin American audiences
Gabriela Portillo Mazal
Heads Up
Specifying changes to the MASTERFORMAT®
Russell P. Fleming
Out Reach
Team up for fire safety
Meri-K Appy
In Compliance
Transportation life-safety issues—a view from the loading dock
Chip Carson
Structural Ops
Truck terminals require pre-incident planning as a potential high-risk/large-loss hazard
Russ Sanders & Ben Klaene
Ins and Out
NFPA hosts international building officials organization at this year's WSCE
Jenna Padula