NFPA Journal May / June 2004 cover
May / June 2004

NEC’s 50th Edition, Kennedy Space Center, Boston Convention Center, NFPA 96 Revisions, Consolidating NFPA Meetings, Motor Speedway, Mass Evacuations.

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NEC: A Living Document
As the 50th edition of the National Electrical Code® is about to roll off the presses, it´s clear some things have remained the same
Alan R. Earls


Consolidating NFPA's Membership Meetings
Task group recommends series of changes to NFPA meeting dates and TCR sessions.
John Nicholson

A Lot of Space to Cover
The Kennedy Space Center presents unique challenges to NASA fire protection engineers.
Ed Comeau

Fire and Life Safety Challenges at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
How the experts came up with the best safety solutions for the new convention center.
John Nicholson

Home Safe
The reasons behind the density change to NFPA's residential sprinkler standards.
Roland Huggins, P.E.

Something Is Cooking for NFPA 96
NFPA members will vote on a revision that aims to simplify the code by moving toward a unified test standard.
Chris Eden


Sports venues and the fire alarm systems challenge
Wayne D. Moore
Ins and Outs
International NFPA chapters get boost
Jenna Padula
Canada mandates fire-safe cigarettes
John Nicholson
Just Ask
NFPA 900 just the first step
Allan B Fraser
Propane torch ignites store roof
Ken Tremblay
On the Agenda
June a big month for seminars
Erik Holden
First Word
National Electrical Code® is a national standard
James M. Shannon, President
‘To-do' lists should include smoke alarm tests
Sandra Araújo
Heads Up
Sprinkler caps and straps
Russell P. Fleming
Structural Ops
Firefighter safety and good tactics go together
Russ Sanders & Ben Klaene
In Compliance
Operational requirements for sports venues
Chip Carson