January / February 2004 NFPA Journal Cover
November / December 2004 No Exit

Paraguay Supermarket Fire, Pennsylvania Fire Safety Audits, Suncor Oil Sands, U.S. Fire Loss for 2003, Firefighter Injuries for 2003.

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No Exit
An August 1 fire in a two-story, unsprinklered Paraguayan supermarket that killed more than 400 people and injured more than 360 people has highlighted the problem of building modern, sophisticated structures in emerging nations without following the fire protection and life safety measures those buildings have in the developed world.
Eduardo Alvarez & Jaime A. Moncada


Dust to Dust - an NFPA Journal online exclusive
Federal board urges North Carolina make NFPA 654 mandatory after fatal plant explosion.
Stephen Barlas

Auditing Classes - an NFPA Journal online exclusive
Pennsylvania's first fire safety audits of universities and other state facilities look to NFPA codes and standards.
Stephen Barlas

Towering Challenge
Suncor's oil sands operation in Fort McMurray, Alberta, prepares for unprecedented growth with a decade of investment in fire protection technology.
Gordon Clayton

U.S. Fire Loss for 2003
There were 402,000 residential fires in the United States in 2003.
Michael J. Karter, Jr.

Large-Loss Fires for 2003
The direct property loss in large-loss fires was greater than $12 billion in 2003.
Stephen G. Badger

Firefighter Injuries for 2003
NFPA estimates that there were more than 78,000 firefighter injuries in 2003.
Michael J. Karter, Jr. and Joseph L. Molis


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Wayne Moore
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Jenna Padula
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Kenneth J. Tremblay
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Bonnie Manley and Tim Hawthorne
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James M. Shannon
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Charlotte Facility Safety Compliance Conference
Erik Holden
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30 years of international sprinkler product standards
Russell P. Fleming, P.E.
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Sharon Gamache
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Alarm system acceptance testing
Chip Carson
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Ben Klaene & Russ Sanders