January / February 2005 Intruder Detected

Premises Security, Chicago High-Rise Ordinance, NFPA 1600, College Fire Protection, Sprinklers and Earthquakes, Dust Explosions, ATF Fire Research Lab.

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Intruder Detected
Despite numerous requests by authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs), NFPA’s entrance into the security systems arena was delayed since the early 1990s. Today, however, NFPA is poised to take a strong role with the development of a consensus-based standard and a guide to premises security that are up for adoption in June.
Wayne D. Moore, P.E., FSFPE


Waiting for Arson Data: An NFPA Journal online exclusive
NFPA members eager to access findings from ATF’s Fire Research Laboratory.
Stephen Barlas

Dust to Dust: An NFPA Journal online exclusive
Federal board urges North Carolina make NFPA 654 mandatory after fatal plant explosion.
Stephen Barlas

On the Rise
Chicago adopts high-rise ordinance and amends installation standards to reduce costs.
Carl F. Baldassarra, P.E.

NFPA 1600: National Preparedness Standard
NFPA 1600 gives businesses and other organizations a foundation document to protect their employees and customers in the event of a terrorist attack.
Donald L. Schmidt

Gimme an F! Gimme a P! What’s That Stand For? Fire Protection!
The University of Utah, like many other campuses, has a fire prevention program that consists of prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.
Mike Halligan

Sprinkler Shake-up
Seismic protection is spreading across the country and the way it's being done is changing.
Roland J. Huggins, P.E.


Quality and reliability of installed systems
Wayne Moore
Ins & Outs
Meeting the research needs of NFPA
Jenna Padula
First Word
Looking back on 2004: Q&A with James Shannon
John Nicholson
Mail Call
Letters to the editor

Explosion destroys fire station
Kenneth J. Tremblay
Addressing everyone’s life-safety needs
Sandra Araujo
Heads Up
When sprinklers aren’t there
Russ Fleming, P.E.
Structural Ops
Managing overhaul operations
Ben Klaene & Russ Sanders
In Compliance
Code cycle revisions
Chip Carson
What's Hot
Product spotlight