May / June 2005 What’s New for 2005 WSCE?

2005 WSCE, Fireworks Ban, NIST’s WTC Report, NIST’s Station Nightclub Report, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Directional Sound, Hydrogen Vehicular Fuel, Fire Safety for Immigrants, NFPA 1033 and 921.

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What’s New for 2005 WSCE?
Several major factors, industry representatives and fire protection engineers say, influence the new technologies and products in the field of life safety, many of which will be unveiled for the first time at NFPA’s World Safety Conference & Exposition® (WSCE) in Las Vegas in June.

John Nicholson


Support for NFPA’s fireworks ban grows

Twenty health and safety advocacy organizations have joined the National Fire Protection Association in an effort to stop the consumer use of fireworks during this holiday season.
Margie Coloian

ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Ahead of the Code Curve
NFPA anticipates some of NIST’s proposed changes in building and fire codes from agency’s World Trade Center investigation.
Stephen Barlas

Vegas View
Managing Editor John Nicholson writes a blog from NFPA's World Safety Conference and Exposition®

A City Within a City
Fire protection challenges for The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas
James R. Quiter, P.E.

Directional Sound
New technology holds promise in improving the use of exits and helping people find their way to an exit.
Daniel J. O'Connor, P.E., FSFPE

How We Hear
To better appreciate how directional sound works requires a basic understanding of how human hearing works and how sound processing allows a listener to locate with surprising accuracy the source of a sound.
Daniel J. O'Connor, P.E., FSFPE

Hydrogen and the New Energy Infrastructure
Interest in hydrogen as a vehicular fuel is growing
Carl H. Rivkin, P.E.

NFPA 1033 & 921
Must fire investigators file a written investigation report? In a word, no.
Dennis W. Smith

Fire Safety in Any Language
The fire service faces the challenge of educating new immigrants, particularly children, on fire-safety behaviors.
Jennifer C. Berkshire


New technology requires more training
Wayne D. Moore, P.E., FSFPE
In Compliance
Bills offer an economic incentive
Chip Carson
Smoke in elevated train injures 73
Kenneth J. Tremblay
Mail Call
Letters to the editor
First Word
Fighting for equality for people with disabilities
James M. Shannon
Preventing cooking fires
Lisa Braxton
Heads Up
Protect against freezing year-round
Russ Fleming
Structual Ops
Accountability systems
Ben Klaene & Russ Sanders
In A Flash
NFPA certifications
Compiled by John Nicholson
Treasurer's Report
2004 NFPA Treasurer’s Report
Thomas W. Jaeger, P.E.