November / December 2005 Large-Loss Fires for 2004

Large-loss fires for 2004; Firefighter injuries for 2004; Air France flight 358; High home heating fuel costs pose safety threat.

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Large-Loss Fires for 2004
Direct property damage dropped by 81% for large fire and explosion losses in the U.S. in 2004. Despite the fact that these fires accounted for only .003% of all fires estimated to have occurred last year, they accounted for 5.4% of the total estimated dollar loss.
Stephen G. Badger


Crash Ready
An alert airport fire department responded quickly to a runway overshoot of Air France Flight 358
Mark Conroy

Firefighter Injuries for 2004
We estimate that U.S. firefighters sustained more than 75,840 injuires last year.
Michael J. Karter and Joseph L. Molis

Fuel Fire
How Suncor, a major petrochemical company, fought a winter fire at a critical facility.
Gordon Clayton and Tyler Robinson

Revisions for Safety
NFPA's standards review process helps bring a new portable fire extinguisher to market.
Craig Voelkert


Protecting health care occupancies
Wayne D. Moore, P.E., FSFPE
Mail Call
Letters to the editor
First Word
The choice is simple
James M. Shannon
Maintenance is crucial, too
Sandra Araujo
Use of illegal drugs ignites fire
Kenneth J. Tremblay
‘Grand challenges’ face fire suppression
Kathleen H. Almand
Heads Up
Fire sprinklers in nursing homes
Russell P. Fleming, P.E.
Structural Ops
Command transfer: Proceed with caution
Ben Klaene & Russ Sanders
In Compliance
Emergency lighting
Chip Carson