March / April 2006 Sound Decisions

Proposed changes to NFPA 72; Retrofitting Warehouse ESFR Sprinkler Systems; The genesis of the Fire-Safe Cigarette Coalition.

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Retrofitting Warehouse ESFR Sprinkler Systems - Online Exclusive
When properly installed, ESFR sprinklers can obtain suppression of a fire in its early stages
Charlie Bauroth, P.E.

The genesis of a coalition
NFPA and fire-safe cigarettes
John Nicholson

Elevator Control
It is important that all parties, from rescue personnel to building designers understand the intent of the fire service operation provisions of ASME A17.1, Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators.
Richard Bukowski, P.E., et al

Home Schooled
NFPA Center for High-Risk Outreach helps educate the poorest South Africans about the dangers in their homes.
Lisa Braxton

Plan Now or Pay Later
We must use every opportunity to promote the importance of utilizing any and all technologies, including residential fire sprinkler systems.
Azarang (Ozzie) Mirkhah, P.E., EFO, CBO


Verify installer qualifications
Wayne Moore, P.E., FSFPE
Mail Call
Letters to the Editor
Lack of operating smoke alarms leads to fire death
Kenneth Tremblay
The many faces of First Nations
Sharon Gamache
First Word
High-rise buildings and life safety
James M. Shannon
System degradation and life safety
Kathleen H. Almand, P.E., FSFPE
Heads Up
Record retention and referral
Russell P. Fleming, P.E.
Structural Ops
Command post protocol
Russ Sanders & Ben Klaene
In Compliance
Chip Carson