November / December Issue of NFPA Journal
November / December 2006 Security Standards. Why NFPA?

NFPA's first electronic security standard; Large-loss fires for 2005; Firefighter injuries for 2005; The distinguished career of Art Cote.

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Security Standards. Why NFPA?

Two questions that are asked of me on many occasions are “Why is NFPA involved in security and the installation of security systems?” and “Shouldn’t other organizations, which are dedicated to the security trade, be taking the lead?”
Shane M. Clary


Firefighter Injuries for 2005
NFPA estimates that there were more than 80,100 injuries in 2005.
Michael J. Karter and Joseph L. Molis

2005 Firefighter Injury Incidents
An in-depth look at some of 2005's injuries
Michael J. Karter and Joe Molis

2005 Large-loss Fires and Explosions in the United States
Property loss in large-loss was down by $180 million.
Stephen G. Badger

The Work of Art
The distinguished career of Art Cote comes to a close at NFPA but a lifetime of commitment to fire and life safety continues on.
John Nicholson

The Work of Art - Part II
The NFPA's Art Cote recounts some of the high points of his career.
John Nicholson

NFPA 10, 2007 – What’s New?
Portable fire extinguishers are an important piece of protecting an occupancy. The changes to NFPA 10 reflect industry trends.
Mark Conroy

Defining Hazmat
Combining DOT, EPA, and NFPA hazardous material reporting requirements can give the life cycle history of a material.
Carl Rivkin


30 percent of home fires occurred in December, January, or February.
Wayne Moore
Looking Back
The Winecoff Fire of 1946 remains the worst hotel fire in U.S. history
John Nicholson
Electric space heater fire kills three
Kennth Tremblay
Mail Call
Letters to the NFPA Journal editor
First Word
America has made little progress in preparing for another terrorist attack
James M. Shannon
Grant funds translation of critical public education product for seniors
Lisa Braxton
Heads Up
Concealing sprinklers the old fashioned way
Russell P. Fleming
A major issue facing the NFPA 13 Technical Committee
Kathleen Almand
In Compliance
NFPA 101®, Life Safety Code, has specific requirements
Chip Carson
Structural Ops
Some life-threatening situations are obvious, others require analysis
Ben Klaene and Russ Sanders