May / June 2007 2007 World Safety Conference and Exposition Comes to Boston

2007 World Safety Conference & Exposition; NEC code changes; Simplifying the accessibility myth, Mass notification; Nightclub safety for students

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2007 World Safety Conference and Exposition Comes to Boston
More than 5,000 are expected to attend this year's conference at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center.
John Nicholson


The Legacy of Nightclub Fires
Two presentations at WSC&E® examines the code changes, research, and legislation related to nightclub fires.
Robert Duval

NFPA 96: Cutting Edge
The proposed changes focus on advances in technology.
R.T. Leicht

Nightclub Safety for Students
The message of the Texas State Fire Marshal's office to college students is Have an Exit Strategy.
Carolyn Perez

Where Discovery Delivers
FM Global's Research Campus establishes new industry methods and standards with advanced technology labs.
Thomas A. Lawson

Simplifying the Accessibility Myth
We all may become disabled, so think more about how to regulate our built environment and our programs.
Allan B. Fraser, CBI, CPCA

Roundtable discussion of changes to the NEC
NFPA’s electrical staff reviews the proposed changes to the National Electrical Code®.
John Nicholson

Mass Notification
Mass notification in the 2007 Edition of the National Fire Alarm Code ®.
Raymond A. Grill, P.E., FSFPE

Changes to NFPA 25 - 2007
A lack of maintenance is often a contributing factor to sprinkler failure. NFPA 25 provides the needed guidance.
John Nicholson


A failure to communicate
Wayne Moore, P.E., FSFPE
In Compliance
Review each code scope and application sections carefully
Chip Carson, P.E.
100 years in print
Art Cote, P.E., FSFPE
Bring safety messages to your home
Sharon Gamache
Electrical arc sparks fire in warehouse
Kenneth Tremblay
Foundation programs round out WSC&E® sessions
Kathleen H. Almand, P.E., FSFPE
First Word
Attacking the fire problem
James M. Shannon
Section Forum
Be in the spotlight, share your expertise, and contribute to NFPA Journal's exclusive "Section Forum"
Heads Up
There's a need to understand sprinkler activation and operation
Russell P. Fleming, P.E.
Structural Ops
When the shortest, easiest, and most direct route isn't available
Russ Sanders & Ben Klaene