March / April 2008 Welcome to the Bird's Nest

Constructing the National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics; NFPA statistics on sprinkler performance; Fire testing ethanol; and Hazmat responder training.


Fire Testing Ethanol Fuels

Evaluating the effectiveness of various foam concentrates and water additives on ethanol-fueled fires.

Hazmat Responder Training

Today, the distinctions between offensive and defensive tactics are blurred by newer tactical and operational procedures designed to meet emerging threats.

Looking Back at E2

Five years ago, 21 people died in a crowd crush at the E2 nightclub in Chicago. As a result, sweeping changes were made to codes and standards in several states and renewed diligence on the part of fire- and life-safety professionals throughout the country.

NFPA Member Al Gray

A profile of NFPA leadership.

The Latest NFPA Statistics on Sprinkler Performance

Based on fires reported to fire departments from 2002 through 2004, sprinklers operate in 93 percent of all reported structure fires large enough to activate them.

Welcome to the Bird Nest

China makes safety - especially earthquake safety - a top priority for the designers, engineers, and builders of the new summer Olympic facilities.


Fire Word

The Firewise philosophy



Victim’s clothing ignites while she cooks

Looking Back

Remembering Richard E. Stevens



The Foundation launches a new research project for first responder safety

Structural Ops

The choice to attack a fire offensively or defensively is critically important


The growing importance of good communications

Heads Up

National views of fire sprinklers: tunnel vision?

In Compliance

A new chapter on building rehabilitation


Changing the future for the better