September / October 2008 The Lake View School Fire

The Lake View School Fire, 2008 U.S. Fire Loss Report, Campus Fire Safety, and how AFCI's can ehance home safety.


US Fire Loss for 2007

In 2007, public fire departments responded to 1,557,500 fires in the United States. This represents a decrease of 5.2 percent from the year before and is the lowest total since 2004.

2007 US Multiple Death Fires

Last year, catastrophic fires claimed the lives of 190 people, a figure that represents 5.5 percent of the total estimated U.S. fire death toll last year.

NIST Goes Back To School

Just in time for Fall, NIST evaluates positive pressure ventilation tactics in a retired high school.

Off-Campus Fire Safety

How Wesleyan University meets the challenge of making its unique student housing fire safe.

On-Campus Mass Notification

After two all-campus lockdowns due to firearms threats, Mesa Community College Public Safety Officers needed a mass notification system fast.

The Lake View School Fire

How 172 children and 3 adults died in the 1908 Collinwood, Ohio, tragedy and what we learned from the largest life-loss school fire in the United States.


How combination arc-fault circuit interrupters enhance electrical safety in the home.


Fire Word

Fire safety on college campuses



Natural gas leak causes explosion

Looking Back

Remembering Franklin Wentworth


The 70E Connection

Defining a "qualified person"


In suport of the next generation

Structural Ops

Tactics to consider when protecting exposures


Legacy systems training

Heads Up

Diagnosing sprinkler system problems

In Compliance

Electrical room protection


FPW— Prevent Home Fires