March / April 2009 The Case for Home Fire Sprinklers

The case for home fire sprinklers, the firefighting challenges of mega storage occupancies, and the future of the U.S. fire service.


Protecting 21st Century Storage Spaces

Building owners, fire marshals, and the fire service need to make fire protection plans as up-to-date as possible.

Research Renaissance

Current research promises important improvements in firefighting equipment, fireground tactics, and firefighter health and safety. Results from these intitiatives are expected to spark a technological and intellectual rebirth of the U.S. fire service.

The Case for Home Fire Sprinklers

NFPA has launched an advocacy campaign to increase the number of U.S. homes protected by sprinklers. The case for home fire sprinklers is compelling and timely, and here’s how you can make that case to your community.

The Future of Fire

What do the enormous changes taking place in soci- ety, technology, and the environment mean for the future of U.S. fire safety? And how will they affect NFPA’s codes and standards?

The Problem With Big

Storage occupancies are going from big to large to gigantic, and as they grow they create new challenges for the fire service. Now the entire approach to fighting fires in those spaces is being re-examined.


First Word

Fire-safe Cigarettes: Keep fighting



Modular home destroyed by fast-moving fire

Looking Back

Rubbish, Fire Safety, and a Gimlet Eye


The 70E Connection

More on the importance of Fine Print Notes


The Research Foundation’s five-year agenda

Structural Ops

Truss construction can put firefighters at risk


Fire alarm system design for industrial occupancies

Heads Up

Should we reconsider interconnecting risers?

In Compliance

New Life Safety Code® annexes provide useful information


NFPA’s new campaign for home fire sprinklers