May / June 2009 Editor's Welcome

2009 World Safety Conference & Exposition: code updates, revisions to NFPA 72, education sessions, a preview of the Fermilab tour, and the creation of the Hazardous Material Code.


Editor Welcome

Welcome to our coverage of the 2009 NFPA Conference & Expo: 60 pages of features, previews, code analysis, exhibitor information, and conference tips, all designed to help you get the most out of the experience.

Education Sessions

Places to see, people to meet, notes to scribble, and knowledge to own.

Fire Safety at Light Speed

Visit a place that not only pushes the boundaries of physics, but also the boundaries of fire protection.

Hazardous Materials Code

Looking for one-stop hazmat fire proection for the most volatile of materials? Look no further.

Intergrated Approach

Discover NFPA’s newest debutante: NFPA 3, Commissioning and Integration Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems.

Much More Than Fire Alarms

The code gets an important revision and a new name: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.

NFPA Code Summaries

What codes are NFPA’s members buzzing about? Our technical experts offer quick summaries of documents under consideration in this revision cycle.

Out of the Ashes

Home to this year’s annual conference, the facility was also the site of a memorable Chicago fire.


First Word

A call to join the sprinkler fight



Apartment kitchen fire kills one

Looking Back

111 years of NFPA & Chicago

Treasurers Report

2008 revenue report


The 70E Connection

Tips for how to keep the lights on


Can green energy be safe energy?

Structural Ops

Why you need to know a building’s intended use


Intelligible alarms, and new challenges for fire inspectors

Heads Up

Improving on 95% reliability for sprinklers

In Compliance

Smoke dampers, story counting, and more


How communities are battling arson