November / December 2009 Which Way For Green?

Integrating residential fire sprinklers and local water supplies; NFPA codes and nuclear power; 2008 Firefighter Injury and Large-Loss Reports.


2008 Large Loss Fire Incidents

The following is a complete list of large-loss fires, which are listed in descending order of loss amount in each category.

Firefighter Injuries for 2008

Highlights of injuries received by on-duty firefighters.

Its Not Easy Being Green

Green, or fire protection? Fire protection or green? A young F.P.E.-in-training tries to square safety with all things eco.

Large Loss Fires in the United States 2008

For the fifth time in the past 10 years, the largest loss associated with fires and explosions occurred in wildlands, and for the second year in a row, it happened in Southern California.

More Bigger Costlier

Our woman-on-the-ground for community wildfire safety files a dispatch from the front lines of the wildland-urban interface.

Nuclear Option

Whether or not we embrace nuclear power for our growing electricity needs, NFPA codes will continue to help the industry remain as fire-safe as possible.

Supply Side

Just how easy is it to integrate residential fire sprinklers into a local water supply? Pretty easy, actually.

US Firefighter Injuries for 2008

Based on data collected during NFPA's Survey of Fire Departments for U.S. Fire Experience for 2008, an estimated 79,700 firefighter injuries occured in the line of duty last year.

Where The Green Things Are

For a glimpse of what’s hot in the green movement, just look to your nearest rooftop. And that’s the problem.

Which Way For Green

Just because it's green doesn't mean it's safe. In this special section, we take five different looks at the intersection of "green" and fire-and life-safety.


First Word

Why the ICC needs to continue to support residential sprinklers.


A new effort aims to improve data collection for on-campus fires.


In A Flash

News & dispatches compiled by NFPA Journal staff.


Intentionally set fire kills two

Looking Back

The wooden-shingle menace.


The 70E Connection

Here’s your chance to shape the next edition of 70E.


How should we define the relationship between fire safety and environmental sustainability

Structural Ops

Handling, and planning for, the reality of overcrowded nightspots.


Training = fire alarm system operational reliability.

Heads Up

Celebrate good times: A trio of big sprinkler anniversaries.

In Compliance

A pinch of perspective on protecting cooking equipment.


Robots! More robots! gets a zippy new look.