September / October 2009 Fire and Vacant Homes

Vacant home fires; campus emergency communications; the latest on the new NFPA 72; the 2008 Catastrophic Multi-Death Fire Report.


Campus Emergency Communications

What Virginia Tech can teach us about planning for a campus emergency.

Catastrophic and Multiple Death Fires in 2008

Last year saw the fewest catastrophic fires, and the fewest related deaths, since 1987.

Catastrophic Multiple Death Fire Incidents

A breakdown of all the 2008 multiple-death fires.

Fire and Vacant Homes

In one section of Columbus's South Side neighborhood, two out of three homes are vacant. Three quarters of them have had a least one fire.

Stop Drop and Log On

An innovative new online program arms college students with up-to-date information on campus fire safety.

The Latest On The New NFPA 72

NFPA's staff liaison for NFPA 72®, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code®, takes a closer look at some of the highlights in the 2010 edition of this important code.

US Fire Loss for 2008

Home fires accounted for 83 percent of all civilian fire deaths last year.

Your High School Just Burned Now What

The first problem for Guilford County, North Carolina, was that the high school wasn't sprinklered. Then came the matter of a disaster recovery plan.


First Word

Why Congress needs to increase funding for the federal Fire Grants program.


In A Flash

News & dispatches compiled by NFPA Journal staff


Woman dies after clothing ignites

Looking Back

Fire Prevention Week, 1925


The 70E Connection

70E and the new installation requirements in the NEC.


A big fan raises bigger questions about fire safety and energy conservation.

Structural Ops

Why fires in churches require careful pre-incident planning.


Cutting costs is no reason to stop testing your fire alarms.

Heads Up

The case for using hydraulic sprinkler system calculations worldwide.

In Compliance

Clarifying fire protection and egress issues regarding elevators.


Fire departments step up sprinkler education efforts with a blend of motivation and guidance