January / February 2010 Remembering Santika

The Santika nightclub fire; NFPA 99 and wet work areas; NFPA codes and nursing homes; 2010 Conference preview.


Back To Vegas

Previewing the upcoming Conference & Expo®.

Butt Out

The number of fires in health care facilities has dropped over the past three decades, thanks in part to smoking bans. But bans haven’t eliminated smoking fires.

More Home Less Nursing

Advocates look to NFPA for leadership on code changes that can make nursing homes more comfortable and humane.

NFPA 99 and Wet Work Areas

Do operating rooms need additional protection against electrical shock? The debate continues.

Remembering Santika

From Thailand to Russia, the recipe for devastating nightclub fires is the same: too many people, too few exits, highly combustible building materials, and pyrotechnics, mixed with too few fire-safety regulations and little enforcement.

Special Needs

A 2009 fire that killed four residents of a New York board and care facility has raised questions about the code requirements for these occupancies.

The Right Response

An example of how preparation, training, and sprinklers can lower the risk to life and property in nursing home fires.


First Word

A look back at the initiatives and programs NFPA launched in 2009 — and a look ahead at 2010.


USFA’s Kelvin Cochran, NFPA’s Nancy McNabb


In A Flash

News and dispatches compiled by NFPA Journal staff.


Woman dies in home fire.

Looking Back

Katie Jane Nursing Home Fire.


The 70E Connection

How committees prepare for the next edition of NFPA 70E.


Research focusing on the needs of the fire service will have a great impact on firefighter health and safety.

Structural Ops

Planning for a large fire in an occupied convention center.


New alarm requirements to better protect the hearing-impaired.

Heads Up

Decades have passed since NFPA 13R was first published, but we’re still debating the issue of home fire sprinklers.

In Compliance

Why protecting openings between floors is a must.


And the winner is... It’s award time at NFPA.