March / April 2010 Refining the Process

Safety at the Imperial Sugar refinery; Electic vehicle safety; The new NFPA 654; NFPA's new wildland fire head.


Electric Vehicle Safety

NFPA launches a new effort to design a safety training program around electric-drive vehicles for emergency responders.

Refining the Process

Can Ron Allen bring dust safety to Imperial Sugar? And can he keep it there? An up-close look at the new head of safety at Imperial Sugar Company, and his efforts to change the safety culture at a company rocked by a catastrophic explosion two years ago.

The New NFPA 654

An NFPA expert brings you an overview of the proposed changes to the next edition of the code covering combustible dust.


First Word

An NFPA publication from more than 30 years ago prompts an examination of fire-safety progress.


What we talk about when we talk about the risks involved with wildland fires


In A Flash

Safety, standards, and Haiti’s reconstruction.


Cigarette fire kills student in unsprinklered apartment

Looking Back

1953 General Motors Plant Fire

Fire Analysis and Research

Home fires involving heating equipment


The 70E Connection

NFPA 70E does allow you to perform energized work, but not at the carte blanche level you may think.


Details on a research effort designed to improve emergency egress.

Structural Ops

Planning for fires in theaters, stadiums, and other large entertainment venues.


Avoiding misinterpretation of the interaction between NFPA 72 and other NFPA codes.

Heads Up

Decades have passed since NFPA 13R was first published, but we’re still debating the issue of home fire sprinklers.

In Compliance

A look at objects residing in corridors: what can stay, and what has to go?


A dispatch on the new NFPA Public Educator Network.