May / June 2010 "Capital of the New World"

Tour of the fire protection systems at CityCenter; Provisions to the NEC addressing renewable energy; Lessons learned from the Monte Carlo fire.


Capital of the New World

An insider’s tour of the fire protection systems at CityCenter, the colossal new development on the Vegas Strip.

Ed Sessions Sneak Preview

An opinionated guide to some of the more intriguing education sessions at this year’s NFPA Conference & Expo.

Lessons Learned From The Monte Carlo Fire

Following a 2008 blaze at the resort and casino, Las Vegas fire and building officials implement new safeguards they hope will benefit the entire Strip.

NEC Goes Green

An overview of proposed provisions to the NEC that address renewable- energy technology.

Treasurers Report

The economic environment made planning for 2009 very challenging.


First Word

A word of thanks to the NFPA members who worked on the latest revisions to the NEC.


Fire-safe cigarette advocate Andrew McGuire discusses his involvement in an NFPA campaign that recently hit a major milestone.


In A Flash

Elders at risk, and more.


Boy dies in fire he started.

Fire Analysis and Research

NFPA research reports in brief.


The 70E Connection

Sneak Peek: A primer on proposed revisions to the upcoming edition of the code.


Details on integrating technology into NFPA codes and standards.

Structural Ops

Keeping an eye on off-campus housing.


Deciphering the survivability and reliability of fire alarm systems.

Heads Up

How to notch and bore dwelling sprinkler systems.

In Compliance

The proper placement of exit signs, and why it’s not merely a matter of interpretation.


It’s a fact: Sprinklers are green, and new research proves it.