November / December 2010 "We Had To Get It Right"

Fire protection systems for the Capitol Visitor Center; NFPA's new Faces of Fire campaign; Firefighter injuries in 2009; Large-loss fires in 2009.


2009 Firefighter Injury Narratives

Highlights of injuries received by on-duty firefighters.

2009 Large Loss Fire Incidents

The following is a complete list of large-loss fires, which are listed in descending order of loss amount in each category.

Hearing and Understanding Me Now

A discussion of 10 key issues affecting the intelligibility of voice alarm signalling systems.

NFPA Fire and Life Safety Conference Preview Future World

Tom Moses and Jerry Woolridge talk about making Walt Disney's Florida dream a reality.

The Human Dimension

NFPA's new Faces of Fire campaign puts a human face on the Association's Fire Sprinkler Initiative.

US Firefighter Injuries in 2010

78,150 firefighters were injured in the line of duty last year, a drop of 1.9 percent from the year before.

US Large Loss Fires in 2009

In 2009, 24 fires resulted in losses of $10 million or more each, for a total direct property loss of roughly $940 million.

We Had To Get It Right

The former chief fire marshal for the U.S. Capitol talks about acceptance testing the fire protection systems for the Capitol Visitor Center under the watchful eye of Congress.


First Word

NFPA and the World


Christian Dubay, NFPA’s vice president of Codes and Standards and chief engineer, on the process that led to NFPA prohibiting the residential use of antifreeze solutions.


In A Flash

Codes and standards take center stage at NFPA's December conference in Orlando


Two dead in space heater fire

Looking Back

1987 King's Cross Fire

Fire Analysis and Research

Home Fires Involving Heating Equipment


The 70E Connection

New Hampshire requires all new electricians to be trained in personal safety.


Four projects support sprinkler installation in new single-family homes.

Structural Ops

"Never" and "always" can get in the way of good fireground procedures.


The shared responsibilities of sprinkler and fire alarm systems.

Heads Up

Opinion should never be accepted in lieu of informed consensus judgement.

In Compliance

If OSHA's standards are updated to reflect the provisions of the 2009 Life Safety Code, there will be no conflict between them.


NFPA's Electric Vehicle Safety Program for first responders