January / February 2011 Our EVs, Ourselves

Safety training for electric vehicles; Changes to NFPA 101; Kids and safety messaging; and a preview of the 2011 NFPA Conference + Expo.


Beantown Bound

A preview of the 2011 NFPA Conference + Expo.

Health Care 101

An overview of health care-related changes to the upcoming edition of NFPA 101.

Kids and Safety Messaging

A new NFPA/Johns Hopkins study set out to learn what works, and why.

Our EVs Ourselves

From safety training to infrastructure: How NFPA is preparing for the coming wave of electric vehicles.

The Day the Hospital Closed

When wildfire threatened a California hospital, there was only one thing left to do. But no one was entirely sure how to do it.


First Word

Mission, vision, & commitment.


Glenn Gaines, acting administrator for the U.S. Fire Administration, on the NFPA/USFA effort to promote winter fire safety.


In A Flash

Analyzing witness statements to create a new look at the Station Nightclub Fire


Leaking natural gas ignites.

Looking Back

A 1904 steamship fire was the single deadliest single-day disaster in New York until 9/11.

Fire Analysis and Research

U.S. Structure Fires in Eating and Drinking Establishments.


The 70E Connection

Inspection as a task covered by NFPA 70E.


The value of talking to industries beyond the fire safety community.

Structural Ops

Pre-planning for retail occupancies.


Rethinking the need for intelligibility testing of fire alarm systems.

Heads Up

Meeting minimum-temperature requirements for wet-pipe systems.

In Compliance

Requirements for exit stair signage and markings.


Calling all Rolf Jensen Award nominees.