July / August 2011 Warehouse Challenge

Three approaches to fixed fire protection in large warehouses; Improving life safety in assembly occupancies; Unwanted fire alarms; and the 2010 Firefighter Fatality report.


2010 Firefighter Fatalities in the United States

In 2010, 72 U.S. firefighters died while on duty, nearly half as a result of sudden cardiac death.

2010 Firefighter Fatalities Incidents

A selection of fatality incidents taken from the full report.

False No-Hazard Unwanted

The problem of unwanted alarms, and what NFPA is doing to address it.

Managing Emergencies

A new task group considers the requirements facility managers need to improve life safety in assembly occupancies.

Warehouse Challenge

Three forward-looking approaches to fixed fire protection to extinguish fires in large warehouses without fire service intervention.


First Word

The needs of the fire service.


NFPA’S Ken Holland and Laurence Stewart on a proposed standard that would establish essential criteria for new EMS vehicles.


In A Flash

Voting members accept NFPA 3, 99, and 101 at the Association Technical Meeting. Plus, award winners are recognized at Conference & Expo.


Natural gas explosion kills two.

Looking Back

The Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire, 1977.

Fire Analysis and Research

U.S. Structure Fires in Stores and Other Mercantile Properties.


The 70E Connection

Locking and tagging equipment to create an electrically safe work area.


Identifying fire protection challenges in telecom/IT centers.

Structural Ops

The importance of training to save yourself or help others to save you.


Who is responsible for ensuring fire protection systems work as required?

Heads Up

A discussion of the "small room rule."

In Compliance

Understanding the level of safety the Life Safety Code is trying to achieve.


Why firefighters need to know if they are responding to persons with developmental disabilities.