March / April 2011 The Triangle Fire, 100 Years Later

The Triangle Fire, 100 Years Later; New study compares sprinklered vs. non-sprinklered homes; the effect of high-volume, low-speed fans on sprinkler performance.


Meter Says

A new study compares fire event water use for sprinklered vs. non-sprinklered homes.

The Triangle Fire 100 Years Later

The circumstances that led to the fire at the Triangle Waist Co. on March 25, 1911, still exist in factories throughout the world — and the U.S. is no exception.

Vision and Patience

Dow Corning redefines the mission of its safety and loss prevention staff, with enviable results.

Wind and Water

The Research Foundation investigates the effect of high-volume, low-speed fans on sprinkler performance in storage areas.


First Word

Electric vehicles: safety and more.


Deborah Boice, the new president of the Society of Fire Protection.


In A Flash

The centennial of a landmark law to minimize the impact of forest fires.


Oil-fired boiler causes fatal fire

Looking Back

The Pemberton Mill Collapse


The 70E Connection

Employees must be trained to use testing equipment properly.


Working with property insurers who rely on NFPA codes and standards.

Structural Ops

How to defend staffing levels during budget cuts.


We must understand how changes in the codes affect new fire alarm systems.

Heads Up

Are sprinkler rules too lax?

In Compliance

Using flammable liquid storage cabinets to isolate flammable and combustible liquids.


Sparky turns 60!